Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Co-Curricular Activities wouldn’t be exciting without the appreciation

Trophies & Awards

At least once in our lifetime, we would have been awarded for our hard work and excellence. During school days, winning a shining trophy or a medal made up of gold, silver and bronze was a great source of achievement and everyone gives their best to win the award. It is exceptionally wonderful to receive the recognition for your activities in the form of award or trophy, in order to keep a reminder of your success and triumphs.

Moving to the memory track of school days, the students used to wait eagerly for the sports competition. The craving was worth appreciating. Moreover, the students used to balance their time and focus on both the education and co-curricular activities. And it is well said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. So schools also know the importance and need of extracurricular activities for the development and growth of the students. Ok! Coming back to sports competition, the competition would be no fun if there won’t be any exciting form of appreciation. Yes, students love to get the reward for their hard work. To add wings to the event, the school look for the best Trophies Manufacturers in Delhi to get the best of awards and trophies. 

I still remember my school days, how wonderful the time was. There was wholehearted excitement on everyone’s face, plus all used to get involved in the preparation with great zeal and enthusiasm. Decorating the notice boards themed as sports day, the special prayer for the opening ceremony and thanksgiving prayer for the closing ceremony used to be incredible. The smell and the yummy food of the food stalls relaxed the jumping mouse in the stomach. The number of competition and varieties of games used to be held and some of them made us laugh hard rolling in the dust. There also used to be the quick facility of first aid in order to rescue the emergency if any.

The readers could also relate that how wonderful was the feeling to win the overall sports championship trophy. So far every school have four houses- green, yellow, red, and blue. These houses also have the team competition and participants get the chance to prove themselves better than others. The house that wins the overall championship receives the best and the bigger trophy. For such occasions, top-class Trophy Manufacturers in Delhi designs the best of trophies meant for the competitions held in the school. 

Plus, the certificates were also handed over to the winner and the runner-up. The best thing about those competitions was that the participants were also given something of value that helps to motivate them in order to perform better next time. 

And it is true that if we open the box of memories we can’t describe them in words. This journey to school with ups and downs, winning and losing was amazing, and these wonderfully designed Wooden Trophies were a great part that is still a token of remembrance of those good days.

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