Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Pride of Winning a Trophy in Annual Sports Day

Searching out the best of an option to encourage the kids out there? Yes, there are a lot of options to be hooked on. Encouraging, rewarding and appreciating are always in vogue. Kids can be moulded easily and encouraged at every path of their lives. Appreciation and motivation are all that a kid needs to walk ahead in life. Parents and teachers give their best to infuse the generosity, morality and encouragement within the child.

Appreciation, encouragement, motivation helps the child to face the complexities of life, whether it is any activity in the school, a matter of fun or a serious stage in a child’s life, a little motivation and a pat on the shoulder reaffirms the courage.

A troop heading towards the number of games, the shower of excitement, those glowing audience, enthusiastic players focusing to win by hook or crook, yummy food stalls, the volunteers running here and there, are some of the glimpses one could observe in the school sports day. How could one forget the trophies being distributed? Yes, wooden trophies, medals and awards turn to be the encouraging tools in sports days.

“On Your Mark, Get. Set. Go.” Most schools have ‘Annual Sports Day’ once a year. The warmth and wait of this event is mesmerizing. The winters turn to be the ideal time for such activities. The Sports Teacher encourages and pushes the students to participate in one or the other activities. “Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the Game.”- This phrase says it all. Events like various types of races, jumps, throws, basketball, tennis, volleyball, high jumps, musical chairs, tug of war and many more fill the ground with hooting and cheering all around.

The most popular among all are the toddler’s competition, sack race, three-leg race, slow cycling, spoon in the mouth, and blowing the balloons. The winning kid gets awarded with beautiful medals plus certificates. Races and fun-filled games are also arranged for teaching and non-teaching staff. The spectators also capture the full enjoyment of the event.

Prizes, medals, wooden trophies, certificates are distributed to the winner and the runner ups. A wooden trophies manufacturer in Delhi meets all the requirements and delivers the quality products, such as medals, trophies and awards, to add wonders to the occasion.

Once all the games and events are done, the Principal, the guest of honour and the Sports Headmaster give some words of wisdom encouraging and highlighting the importance of sports in our life. Students are advised to be active and take part in such activities and involve themselves in indoor and outdoor sports to keep themselves fit, active and healthy.

Life is just a game. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Participating in various competitions, sports or games develop a feeling of sporting spirit. Moreover, the students learn to accept both the triumph and defeat with grace. Alternatively, thanks to the wooden trophies manufacturer in Delhi who with their wonderful trophies and medals never fails to impresses the students.

It would be great concluding it off with- “Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is.”

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